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March 2018



Dear Members,

This is the first newsletter we could get out to membership for the year 2018. Our last letter was mailed in November! Anyways, I just want to thank our membership for being so dedicated and paying their dues on time. It’s because of you we are still an active post!

This winter we have made a lot of changes not only within the Post itself, but within the organization. Commander of the Sons, Michael Bellotti, now has a full panel of officers to help make the Sons of the Legion more active within our Post with the help of Joe Toomey, Mark Hastings, Bill Harris and Liam Catalado.  The Sons are now going to assume all the responsibilities of having a Son’s membership -  such as the membership of the Sons, card keys for the Sons, control over the discipline of the other Sons and having fundraisers for the financial needs of the Sons.

This is a great thing for the Post, now the burden isn’t just on the handful of Legion members, it will be spread within the younger crowd. Thanks for the help!

Thank you all,

Semper Fi

Commander Jim Doherty 


S.A.L. Officers

Commander – Michael Bellotti

Junior Vice - Liam Catalado

Finance Officer – Mark Hastings

Senior Vice – Joe Toomey

Adjutant - William Harris

Chaplain – Frank Mclaughlin


The American Legion Organization

The American Legion is a non-profit organization built to help support returning servicemen and women and their families. We are here to cater to our veterans and help in any way. We are stronger in numbers, so if you know of any returning veterans who might be interested in joining the Legion please contact one of the officers or have the veteran call the Post. Thank you


Hall Rentals

The hall is for veterans! We rent only to members of our Post or friends of members to problems that may arise from renting to outside parties. If you. “have friends or that want to rent our Post, tell them to mention Jour name or they will be turned away. If you are on renting our hall in 2018, please call soon because the calendar is filling up with graduations and first Communions. Call 617-328-9824 and speak with the bartender on duty


Building Upkeep

We are doing our best to keep up with all the projects we have to do. In the past few weeks, one of our coolers needed a new compressor and we had to purchase three new 50-inch flat screen televisions. My point is that we spend a lot of money daily just to have a nice place to go and have a drink, so please be grateful and respect our Legion!


Thank You

I just want to thank the following members: Michael Morrissey; Bruce Ayers, Michael Bellotti; William Harris and Alex Schark for their generous donation of paying for all the Super Bowl foo. This was a great help and savings to our Post. Thanks Guys!!



It is my saddest duty to inform you that since our last newsletter, our Post has lost four Legion members. Our prayers and condolences go out to all the families and friends of Life Members – Jens Thornton and Jack Lyons and Members David McConville and John Buzderewicz. You will all be missed very much.

FYI – “Jack the Hat” Lyons is the one who found this place for our Legion to call “home”. He was also the one who kept up with our patch collection on the walls. Jack, you will be missed! (Semper Fi)

Thanks to all of you for serving and being part of our Legion family.



All dues are due at this time. The new card keys will be mailed by February 28th. Door locks will be changed on March 3, 2018. If you didn’t pay your dues, you will not receive a new card key. (The new cards are grey in color.)



Our Post is the “Best Post on the East Coast” because of our great membership. People respect each other and mind their own business – like they should. It is a place where people can visit and not hear about work-related problems, politics or money. Nobody cares! Please just always remember that we do not give second chances. It is a zero-tolerance establishment.


Old Guys & Young Guys Hockey Game

It was a cold morning in Quincy youth Arena, but the older guys were able to loosen up and pull out a great out to the younger guys. Without the fast reflexes and great glove of our goaltender S.A.L. Commander Michael Bellotti, he held on for a 3-0 shutout. Great job!

Although the younger guys skated a little better than the older guys (circles around us), the older guys team was a passing machine. Michael (Chicka) Kowilcik had two goals and Commander had an open net goal to end the game.


Meat Raffle

On April 14, 2018 from 2P.M. to 6P.M. Dennis Tellier (Quincy Lacrosse Team) will host a Meat Raffle at the Post to support Quincy Boys and Girls Lacrosse teams. There will be raffles, a 50” Samsung TV, 50/50 and other prizes. Joy us for an enjoyable time.


Team USA Boat Team Fundraiser

Come see the boat viewing and see one of our biggest advertising logo on the side of all four boats. Our post is known world-wide because of this boat team. Longtime resident, Bill Allen is the team captain and in charge of setting all the equipment and boats shipped over to Europe. Let’s help our local team from Squantum.

Hats, shirts and sweatshirts will be sold. The Post is accepting all donations if you are not able to attend. Make checks payable to “USA Team: and send to Robert I Nickerson Post 382, c/o USA Team, 20 Moon Island Road, Quincy MA 02171


Upcoming Events

Saturday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day Party

Dinner 3-5PM only

Irish Music,

Step Dancers @ 6PM

50/50 Raffle


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Red Sox Opener


We will have the hot dogs and peanuts to start the Red Sox year. Draft beer will be sold.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Post Cleanup

10:30am to 3pm

Food & drink served after cleanup

Any help at all is much appreciated.


Saturday, June 2, 2018

Post Deck Opener

3pm to close – depending on the weather

Food, Music, Raffle


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Post Installation

7 PM sharp


Saturday, September 8, 2018


3:30 pm Chowder

4:30PM Dinner

50/50 Raffle

Tickets $30.00 each


A bit of Trivia

1.      What country did Germany invade on Sept. 1, 1939

2.      What planet has the shortest year?

3.      How many throws make up each turn in a game of darts?

Answers to Last month’s trivia

1.      What date was Hiroshima bombed? August 6, 1945

2.      What was the name of the mission that landed Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon? Apollo 11

3.      Who was known as the Louisville Lip? Cassius Clay






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