Robert I Nickerson Post 382 20 Moon Island Road Quincy MA 02171
Robert I Nickerson Post 38220 Moon Island RoadQuincy MA 02171

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            Robert I Nickerson Post 382



The American Legion

20 Moon Island Road

Squantum MA 02171




2020 Officers


American Legion 2020 Officers:

Commander: John Diggins

Senior Vice Commander: Tom Lynch

Junior Vice Commander: Glen Buscher, P.C.

Finance Officer: John Diggins

Adjutant: Paul Prefontaine

Chaplain: Bob Sealund, P.C.

Sergeant at Arms: Michael Kennealy

Historian: James Sumner

Judge Advocate: James Doherty, P.C.


Board of Trustees:

Skip Zellen

John Diggins

Paul Prefontaine

Bob Sealund, P.C.

Ed Swartz

Bob Jerden



Glen Buscher

Bob Sealund

Bob Verney


Executive Committee:

Mike Tape

Bob Verney, P.C.

Jack Kelly, P.C.

Jim Doherty, P.C.


Sons of the Legion Officers - 2018 

Commander: Michael Bellotti

Senior Vice Commander: Joe Twomey

Junior Vice Commander: Liam Cataldo

Finance Officer: Mark Hastings

Adjutant: Bill Harris

Chaplin: Frank McLaughin



Wreaths Across America 2018

The Nickerson Post participates in the Wreaths Across America program, a project to place wreaths on the graves of all Veterans buried in Quincy. The hope is to lay wreaths on all 7300 grave markers in the city cemeteries. The project is a nationwide movement participated in by many Legion Posts nationwide and is being sponsored and carried out locally in coordination with the Quincy Veterans Council.  


Nickerson Post supports the International Racing Program.

The U.S.A. A-Team is an International Hydroplane Racing Team.

The Nickerson Post is pleased to support the International Racing Program and team Captain Billy Allen from Squantum. To quote Billy Allen, “Your contribution to this program is making a real positive impact on how the Americans, and the APBA (American Power Boat Association) as well, are being viewed on the world stage of boat racing.  You ARE making a difference.”

Pictures show the actual racing event as well as the boats. Notice the boats all have the Nickerson Post logo prominently displayed on each of the boats. This has gained our post international recognition. 

For more information visit Billy Allen’s website:


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